EJA provides professional consultation services and experienced counsel to a wide range of clients regarding complex regulatory, compliance and security matters. These services are furnished to federal, state, and local agencies, as well as to publicly and privately owned utilities.

EJA also supports meeting requirements for State of Texas HUB credit, either as part of a team for large projects or as an individual for smaller projects.

Solution-Based Client Advocacy and Oversight

EJA provides sensible and innovative solutions to resolve regulatory compliance issues, which require expert advocacy, as well as comprehensive regulatory review and analysis of of options and outcomes.

Compliance Monitoring, Optimization and Reporting

Evaluation of the applicable water and wastewater reporting requirements to prevent conditions that can result in inefficiencies, quality failures and non-compliance with environmental permits.

Governmental Policy, Permitting and Regulatory Support

EJA ensures that client public water systems and wastewater facilities operate within all applicable standards and holds proper permits, which necessitates ongoing review of regulations, requirements and standards, including On-Site Sewage Treatment Facilities (OSSFs).

Funding Sources for Projects

EJA provides access and understanding of the financial and technical resources provided by the EPA, as well as various other state and federal organizations that also provide access to funding and partnerships that improve water and wastewater systems in small and rural communities.

Facilitating Training, Meetings and Workshops

Proper training is an investment that must address initial and ongoing needs. Presentations, workshops, classroom instruction and even on-site demonstrations are tailored to your specific facility.

Water Security, Preparedness and Consequence Management

Addressing the security of drinking water and wastewater infrastructures reduce vulnerabilities to potential security breaches and allow for early and accurate contamination detection. EJA provides assistance and training for emergency preparedness, disaster response mutual aid assistance for public and private water and wastewater utilities.

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